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A Path Forward Counseling

David Shields, LMHC

CCTP (Certified Clinical Truama Professional)

David is a thoughtful and caring man! He is not judgmental and will listen intently. He will guide you through the right path.

                                  – D.G.



I incorporate a blend of therapeutic techniques based on the individual needs of  each client.  Some of the issues that may be addressed in counseling are listed below:

Our lives are full of obstacles that can prevent us from living life to its fullest.  Some obstacles we seem to bring upon ourselves, while others are thrust upon us.  Overcoming these obstacles can be difficult and sometimes painful.  I offer a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic setting.  Together, we explore the specific challenges you are facing which impede your ability to live life to its fullest.  I incorporate a variety of therapeutic interventions.  Based upon your individual goals and life experiences, the focus of our work may be solution-based, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic or interpersonal.  Often, a combination of multiple therapeutic approaches is effective.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

     Florida: MH19485

M.S. - Mental health Counseling

     Nova Southeastern University - 1999

David Shields, LMHC

(813) 767-4222

1200 W. Platt St.

Suite 204

Tampa, Florida 33606

Located in Hyde Park near downtown Tampa

Cost (per session): $175.

Accepted Payment Methods:

     Credit/Debit and FSA Cards or Cash.

I accept both Optum/United Health and Aetna Health insurance.  Upon request, an email can be sent to you, to verify eligibility.

Clients have the option of face-to-face or virtual therapy sessions. 

I have found that many clients appreciate the comfort of being in their own home and the convenience of not travelling to an office. Virtual therapy also offers me the opportunity to work with clients from many different areas of the state. 

Virtual therapy is available utilizing DOXY.ME, a HIPAA compliant streaming service for medical and therapy providers.

United Healthcare clients.  Due to technical difficulties with the United Healthcare scheduling platform, please use the "Request eligibility verification" button above, or contact me directly, by phone or email, to schedule your initial session.

Call to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

(813) 767-4222

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